Since hiring Roger Topp as our VP of Sales, he’s been hard at work assembling our new sales team. We’re so excited to welcome our seven new team members to the Bugsnag family and here’s a little bit about each of them!

Enterprise Account Executives

Hana Francisco

Hana first moved back to Bay Area to pursue the startup dream and wound up at Appcelerator where she got to work with a large and talented team of developers. She then became an early member of the sales team at Zenefits and helped to build out their SDR organization.


Like a true San Diego native, Hana was raised on bean and cheese burritos. She went to school in the South Bay and graduated from Santa Clara University with a degree in Economics. Hana moved to Australia after school where she tried Vegemite for the first time, but hated it. Her current hobbies include pizza, and her dedication extends to making sure she gets her fill of slices every Friday night.

Kyle Burke

Kyle describes his career path so far as a financial analyst turned startup sales guy who loves his new calling. His professional trajectory took him from BlackRock to Recurly before landing at Bugsnag.


Hailing from Marin County, Kyle found his way across all major Bay Area bridges during his time as a student at both USF and UC Berkeley, and graduated with a degree in Applied Mathematics. In his free time he loves traveling to far off destinations with his girlfriend, exploring our ever-changing city, playing golf, and drinking the hoppiest beer imaginable. One of Kyle’s proudest memories is when he won a school wide pie eating contest in college.

Enterprise Sales Development Representatives

Sarah Hahn

Sarah began her career as a media relations specialist for various tech startups, but switched to a sales development role while at Gusto. Sarah attended San Diego State University and got her degree in Journalism and Public Relations before moving back to the Bay Area full time for work.


A proud Bay Area native, Sarah was born and raised in Pleasanton as one of seven girls. She likes to think of herself as a self-proclaimed tree-hugger who can’t get enough of the outdoors and can be found hiking, camping, sea kayaking, paddle boarding, and even sailing in her free time. One time after college, Sarah won a sweepstakes and moved to Sydney, Australia for 7 months before returning home to San Francisco.

Rachel Ha’o

Rachel gained her sales expertise while working on sales teams at companies like Sencha. A native Hawaiian, Rachel has also lived in New York and New Jersey, but these days finds herself quite at home here in San Francisco.


Rachel first moved to the Bay Area to attend the University of San Francisco where she got her degree in Biology and Sociology. She has been an active ballerina for almost 22 years and has danced in Joffrey Ballet, Juliard School of American Ballet, Ballet Hawaii, and LINES. While living abroad, Rachel practiced surgical medicine in Cape Town, South Africa as an assistant medical resident and continues to volunteer remotely with organizations like Philani and CFHI.

Zayne Sagar

Zayne is originally from Fiji, and can speak over four languages including English, Hindi, Fijian, and Pashto. As a recent graduate of UC Berkeley, Zayne got his dual degree in Operations Research and Management Sciences, and Business Administration. He originally wanted to study physics, but decided the stars weren’t for him!


Zayne spends his weekends studying to get his recreational pilot’s license and learning programming languages, as he only just realized how much he likes working with code. He also enjoys traveling and has seen most of Western and Central Europe in addition to Australia. During his pre-teen years, Zayne played in Fiji’s National Youth Soccer Academy and still enjoys kicking the ball around, and he’s also a huge fan of boxing, MMA, and UFC.

Summer Interns

Spencer Kim

Spencer is an East Bay Area native, and is currently in his junior year at MIT, majoring in Computer Science. Spencer’s post college goal is to become a master hacker, but for now he spends a lot of time as a quarterback for MIT’s NCAA Men’s Football Program.


Outside of work, Spencer likes to keep himself busy with music. He’s been playing the cello since age 4, but these days he prefers producing electronic music from his bedroom. He claims to have lop-sided ears, but we have a pretty hard time hearing him out on that.

Alexandra “Lexi” Burbey

Lexi is originally from Denver, Colorado, but recently moved to the Bay Area to pursue a degree in Business Administration at UC Berkeley, and she’s now also considering a minor in Computer Science. In her free time, Lexi likes to ski, golf, surf, and explore our beautiful city.


After graduating, Lexi plans on moving to San Francisco and enter the tech industry. Lexi founded her own nonprofit called “Dream It Be It,” an organization that hosts events for children and adults with special needs. She is also working towards earning her pilot’s license.

Celebrating new team members at Bugsnag is one of our favorite things, and we’re still looking for more great people to join. We’re currently hiring for roles in Engineering and Design. Please get in touch if you think you’d be a good fit!