Announcing a new team member is a great way to start the year. We’re excited to welcome Kelly Mason to the Bugsnag team. She’s awesome, and is joining our engineering team to help our users get the most out of the Bugsnag and provide technical support.

Kelly Mason

Prior to Kelly joining, support at Bugsnag has always been handled by our engineering team who do a support rotation. This has been a great way for engineering to know exactly how our customers are using our product, and the roadblocks they encounter. But now with Kelly’s help, we’re excited to spend more focused energy on supporting our users.

Kelly grew up in North Carolina, and made her way to San Francisco by way of Beijing, China where she taught English, Physics, Chemistry, and even a bit of dance! She’s a fan of soccer, crossword puzzles, regular puzzles, and you can sometimes find her discovering new craft beers. Welcome, Kelly!

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