In today’s exciting news, we’re pleased to announce the newest addition to the Bugsnag Marketing team, Katie Lane! Katie joins Bugsnag as a Product Marketing Manager — she’ll be helping us better tell the story of Bugsnag and expand our product launches and messaging. Katie is also the first engineer to join our team which will help bring a whole new perspective to marketing. Marketing at Bugsnag has historically been a small team, so welcoming new members is really exciting for us as we grow.

Katie Lane

Katie is a Texas native, and graduated from the University of Texas where she studied Electrical Engineering. She has a self-described outdoor habit and spends as much time as possible surfing, skiing, mountain biking, and more.

Katie, a nerd at heart, has also been teaching a Girls Who Code class in Python to a group of middle school girls, which she finds both awesome and hilarious.

Welcome, Katie!

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