We’re very pleased to introduce you to the newest member of our engineering team, George Kontridze!

George Kontridze

George is joining Bugsnag as our new Production Engineer. Since moving from the D.C. area, George has amassed a wealth of experience working for reputable, local companies such as Chartboost and Quantcast. He’ll be in charge of ensuring that our infrastructure is up and running smoothly whilst designing scalable architectures to handle Bugsnag’s high volumes of traffic. He’ll also be developing internal tools to help our engineering team.


Originally from the Republic of Georgia, George moved to the U.S. before high school and can speak four languages! In his free time you can find him eating his way through SF and on the dancefloor of his favorite electronic music venues. You can learn more about George by following him on Twitter.

As we continue to welcome new members of the Bugsnag family, we’re still searching for more great people to join. We’re currently hiring for roles in Engineering, Design, and Sales. Get in touch!