We’ve had a crazy couple of months at Bugsnag with the launch of the new Bugsnag Dashboard, a brand new office, and two new team members for us to welcome. We’d like to introduce you to Matthew Chavez and Delisa Mason, who we’re so delighted have joined our team.

Matthew began coding in Ruby and building websites in Rails. Since then, he’s gone on to build enterprise iOS applications, scrape search engines and save the web into NoSQL databases, optimize stacks with service oriented architecture, build documented and scalable infrastructure, and transitioned into what one might call “DevOps.” He’s now our Lead Operations Engineer.


We know it may seem like he’s a cartoon, but we promise that Matthew is a real life person. He enjoys music so you can find him going to shows, and occasionally playing an instrument or two. A dirty secret he has is that he has written more Javascript than he cares to admit to others.

Delisa spends her days working on all things open source for Bugsnag. From supporting our notifiers to fixing bugs and improving our documentation, we’re excited to have her working on so many projects.


Delisa used to play competitive Mario Kart, so there will probably be some Mario Kart office parties to come. She also has a rabbit who is almost 10.