The Bugsnag API already gives you a powerful way to interact with your Bugsnag errors, projects and other data, but today we’re making things even easier with the release of our API Toolkit for Ruby.

This library allows for quick read/write access to the Bugsnag API from your Ruby applications. You can use this library to build your own applications which leverage data found in your Bugsnag dashboard.

Basic Usage

Using the API toolkit is simple. Just authenticate using your Bugsnag user credentials or account auth token, and call the desired API methods. For example:

# Authenticate with the Bugsnag API
Bugsnag::Api.configure do |config| = ""
  config.password = "password"

# Fetch a list of my Bugsnag accounts
accounts = Bugsnag::Api.accounts

Check out the documentation or the RDoc reference for more details.


This library borrows heavily from the code and philosophies of the fantastic Octokit library. A big thanks to @pengwynn and the rest of the Octokit team!

The underlying HTTP calls are made through the excellent Faraday library, and traversing between resources is made possible through Sawyer, a “secret” hypermedia client for Faraday.

We’d love to hear about the apps you’re building with the API toolkit for Ruby! Reach out to us via email or Twitter, and we’ll let the world know what you’re working on!